F. Genoa

Layout (s) :


M.S. Tri-radial or Cross-cut


Material (s) :


Dyneema® / Spectra® woven fabric 
(Hydra Net® Radial)


Polyester woven fabric (Pro Radial)


AP Dacron for Cross cut


Laser cut panels (Hydra Net® only)


Triple stitching on panel seams


Three rows of triple stitching on section joints


UV resistant thread on panel seams


Gore ® Tenara® thread (UV protection parts only)


U.V. sacrificial strips on leech & foot / 




Tell tales and stitched draft lines


Radial offshore corner patch reinforcements


Indicator line on clew corner for optimum sheeting angle


Leather reinforcement(s)


Kevlar® leech & foot lines


Purchase mechanism with block (2:1) on leech line


Luff pad foam to eliminate fullness caused by reefing


Reefing marks (stitched)


Reef patches on tack and head 


Additional reinforcements on section joints


Stainless steel (Rutgerson 45mm) ring on clew


Heavy transport bag