F. Staysail

Layout (s) :

M.S. Tri-radial or Cross-cut

Material (s) :

Dyneema® / Spectra® woven fabric 
(Hydra Net® Radial)
Polyester woven fabric (Pro Radial)

AP Dacron for Cross cut
Laser cut panels (Hydra Net® only)

Triple stitching on panel seams

Three rows of triple stitching on section joints

UV resistant thread on panel seams

Gore ® Tenara® thread (UV protection parts only)

U.V. sacrificial strips on leech & foot / 

Tell tales and stitched draft lines

Radial offshore corner patch reinforcements

Leather reinforcement(s)

Kevlar® leech & foot lines

Reefing marks (stitched)

Reef patches on tack and head 

Additional reinforcements on section joints

Stainless steel (Rutgerson 35mm) ring on clew

Heavy transport bag