Performance Series In-boom Mainsail

Standard Features
Layout   : M.S. Tri-radial.
Material : CR Polyester/PEN Laminates or woven 
One or two rows of triple stitching on panel seams 
depending on sail size.
U.V. resistant thread on seams.
Dyneema® trim line.
Spectra/Dyneema® reinforced batten-ends.
Vectran® luff rope.
2 ply on reefs and leech ply construction.
Special epoxy Ocean full-lenght battens.
Tell tales and draft lines.
Radial corner patch reinforcements.
Webbings in Spectra®.
Leather reinforcements. 
Heavy transport bag.
Offshore Finish Features (Optional)
Staggered – reinforced stripes. 
Oversized radial corner patches.
Section joint patches.
Additional stitching on section joint (s).
Optional Features
Sail numbers & Country code with self adhesive fabric.
Sail branding.
Luminous Racing Sail Tape.
Custom Batten Car Systems.
Spreader patches.
Additional reef (s).
Seamkote. (Weather resistant plastic coating to protect seams from abrasion).
All sails are designed by 3D sail design software with simulating under various weather conditions.